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The Trail

The Uinta Highline Trail is one of the most stunning trails in all the world. The trail spans over 100 miles and includes over 16,000 feet of elevation gain. The trail crosses multiple forest districts and is home to hundreds of different plant and animal species. It's a beautiful and unique trail that is unlike any other in the world!

One of the biggest challenges of Highline Trail is the never-ending battle of climbing and descending. The trail also maintains an average elevation around 10,000 feet, which can leave hikers exposed to sun, rain, hail, sleet, snow and extreme temperature changes. It's a daunting trail, but the reward of spectacular scenery make every step worth it. 

(Source:  Google Earth December 30, 2016)

Each hiker that sets out on the Highline Trail has a different skill set and timeline for how quickly they want to move on the trail. Rather than tell you how we hike, our goal is to provide you with knowledge about each leg of the journey so you can prepare and plan your trip according to your needs. Each section of the trail is broken down by camping potential, water availability, difficulty, and scenery ratings. We've also included important insider information about things to avoid, notable features, and other tidbits. We have also created a Google Earth Highline Trail file to aid in exploring the trail from above, or it can be downloaded to your GPS to use on your journey.


So click on the links below and start learning about the trail!



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