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Yellowstone Creek Basin

The Yellowstone Creek Basin is a relatively flat basin with less water than other stretches of the trail. The basin receives some people spilling over from Henry's Fork Basin, but for the most part it begins another long stretch of trail with little human presence. The east side of the basin has a good cut trail that gives you a beautiful view of the west side of Kings Peak. The west side of the basin is a gradual climb that takes you towards Tungsten Pass.


The main water source in this basin is Yellowstone Creek. The creek is a decent spot to camp but most of the spots are a little ways of off the trail. The river valley is also the only place you'll see decent tree cover between Painter Basin and the Oweep Creek Basin. Keep this in mind when planning your day, because you'll be very exposed to weather for multiple miles on either side of this creek. 

Camping Potential - 4
Water Availability - 2
Difficulty - 2
Scenery - 5

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