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Tungsten Pass to Porcupine Pass

The trail from Tungsten Pass to Porcupine Pass is largely uneventful other than another beautiful vista, but it's worth discussing because these two passes are important milestones along the Highline Trail. This section of trail is also largely devoid of plants with any major height. This makes moving through this area a high priority because you will be very exposed if storms are in the area.


The climb to Tungsten Pass from Yellowstone Creek is not too difficult, and you will barely feel like you are even at a pass as you drop toward Tungsten Lake. The section from Tungsten Pass to Porcupine Pass is only about an 800 foot elevation gain, with some elevation lost between the two passes. However, both passes sit at over 11,000 feet, so again, keep that in mind while in this area.


Tungsten Lake and North Star Lake are the two main lakes you'll pass during this stretch of trail. Both consistently produce lots of big brook trout and are fun locations to spend some time if you have good weather. Another gem is a lake just east of Tungsten Pass. It is smaller in size but can produce lots of fish as well. The backdrop to this lake is gorgeous. 

Camping Potential - 2
Water Availability - 2
Difficulty - 4
Scenery - 5
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