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Backpacking can often lead you down long and unforgiving trails, and not being prepared with the right gear can often mean the difference between a wonderful adventure or the worst experience of your life. We've experimented with many different products over the years and want to share with you our best kept secrets for anywhere you might find yourself, but especially on the Highline Trail. If you want to purchase any of this equipment, we ask that you please consider doing it through the links provided below. We are a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to Amazon products. We use this income to improve maintain this site and do projects associated with the Highline Trail. Purchasing through these links will help us to continue to be able to help you!


High Uinta Wilderness Map 

Paper maps are larger and bulkier than files saved on your phone, but I have yet to not fall back to my paper map in scenarios when I'm making important decisions on a hike. We highly recommend carrying a map with you on the trail just in case you have issues with your electronic maps. 

Black Diamond Trail Ergo Cork Poles Trekking poles are an absolute must for this trail. You climb 8 major passes on the Highline Trail, and each one will test your knees with each step. Black Diamond poles are light-weight and withstand a beating, yet keep on functioning hike after hike, year after year. 


Sawyer Products SP131 Squeeze Water Filtration System with Three Pouches

We have been a fan of pump-style water filtering systems for a long, long time. However, on a trip a few years ago we had a handle break 10+ miles from the trailhead, and it left us "high and dry" the rest of the trip. After switching to Sawyer products we will never go back. They are small, easy to use, and have little to no potential for malfunction. Give them a try - you won't regret it!

Garmin InReach Mini

Technology has truly made it impossible to be 100% alone in the world! That isn't always necessarily a good thing, but if you ever need help in the middle of nowhere, you better have an InReach. This device will give you peace of mind on the trail no matter where you are or what you're doing. We use them to let your family and friends know where we camp each night and that we're still doing OK. And believe me, that information can be even more important for them than the lifesaving features are for you. 


Ankor Power Core Charger

We have always been a fan of solar charging equipment because they are light-weight and fit easily in your pack. Then one day we did a long hike where the sun was obscured by clouds and trees for much of the day, and suddenly we found ourselves with dead batteries. The Ankor Power Core allows you to recharge your devices, multiple times and under any circumstances. The charger is small and can easily be tucked away in your pack until you need it. Pick one of these up, and you'll never need to worry about having direct sunlight for charging again.

ALTRA FOOTWEAR - Men's Sizes  /  Women's Sizes

Altra is a Utah-based company that specializes in outdoor footwear specific to running and hiking. Their products are light-weight and durable, and will provide all the comfort you need for long days on the trail. As an added bonus, they also feature a "foot print" tread that is specific to their product line. It's easily recognizable, and on a recent trip were constantly asked if our shoes were leaving the distinct "foot print" markings. They were in fact, and we quickly became the most popular people on the trail. 



These gloves are a great option to give your hands some warmth on cool mornings and keep the sun off your hands during the heat of the day. They are very breathable, dry quickly, and are a fantastic option when you need to use your fingers for a phone screen or GPS. We love using them on hikes!

This is a fantastic film about the Highline Trail! If you want to get excited about hike the Highline Trail, or if you just want to relive the beauty of the High Uinta's, you definitely need to see this video!


High Uintas Backcountry 3rd Edition mailer.bmp

High Uinta's Backcountry Books

Jeff and Brad Probst tell about their adventures in these two wonderful books about the High Uinta Wilderness. For more information, visit

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