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Want to Explore more of Utah?

We've taken some time to create files for more of our favorite places in Utah. If you want to explore more than the Highline Trail, check out these files and start your adventure! The package includes gpx and kml file types, which can be viewed on Google Earth or other mapping programs, and can also be downloaded to a GPS unit. Additionally, the files allow you to get an elevation profile to visualize the ups and downs of the landscape. With Google Earth, you can view the trail from any angle, at any scale, or even get a ground-level view of the trail and surrounding terrain.

Logan Canyon and Vicinity - $9.99 

Logan Canyon and Vicinity

These files include 53 trails on the Cache Forest Service District (between Logan and Bear Lake). 

Uinta Mountain Range - $9.99 
(Includes the Highline Trail)

Uinta Mountain Range

These files include 181 trails across the Uinta Mountain Range. The Highline Trail is also included in this package, along with each trail intersecting the Highline which can be extremely helpful. 

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