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Highline Trail GPS Files $2.99

highline trail sticker $1.99

This file is mapped to the Highline Trail to keep you from losing your way during your adventure. It can be viewed on Google Earth or other mapping programs, and can also be downloaded to a GPS unit. This file also allows you to get an elevation profile which will help you visualize the ups and downs of the landscape. From Google Earth, you can view the trail from any angle, at any scale, or even get a ground-level view of the trail and surrounding terrain! 

(file will be email to you within 48 hours of purchase)

High gloss 3" X 3" vinyl sticker. Make sure to include your shipping address when purchasing! 

1 Sticker - $1.99

3 Stickers - $5.50

5 Stickers - $9.00

This user guide is a culmination of the knowledge we have acquired about the Highline Trail. We have broken the trail into 24 segments that provide background information about each segment, along with an aerial view of the trail and an elevation profile so you’ll know what to expect on that portion of the trail. This guide is a great reference that can be easily used on the trail. File is sold in electronic format (pdf).

(file will be email to you within 48 hours of purchase)

Highline Trail User Guide $9.99

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