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Red KnoB pass

Red Knob Pass is similar to other passes in the Uinta Mountains - gentle on one side and ferocious on the other. It is an absolutely stunning pass though, and probably our favorite of the entire Highline Trail.  The scene from the top is truly spectacular! The West Fork of Blacks Fork Basin is filled with large cliffs, lots of rock, and beautiful timbered valley bottoms. You can't help but wonder, though, how anyone could have made a trail through this pass.


The southern side of Red Knob pass appears to be a smooth climb to the top. The pass does have a lot of switchbacks and is a higher climb than you'll first anticipate. In terms of difficulty though it really isn't too bad. Small patches of Englleman spruce cover the mountainside as you climb the pass. The trail isn't too rocky though compared to other passes along the trail.


Once you reach the top you'll be in for a surprise because the north side of the pass couldn't be more opposite than the south side. The pass is mostly a sheer drop off into the West Fork of Blacks Fork Basin. From the summit, the trail begins a slow descent into the basin and can be seen traversing along the mountain to the north. The trail has fewer switchbacks than other passes, likely because this pass lacks the larger boulders seen in places like Anderson Pass that help to keep the trail intact. This is a pass that will get really sketchy shortly after rain storms. The integrity of the trail can break down quickly with too much moisture, so make sure to consider this before crossing this pass.

Camping Potential - 1
Water Availability - 1
Difficulty - 5
Scenery - 5
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