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Rocky Sea Pass

Rocky Sea Pass will be the first or last major pass you'll encounter on the Highline Trail. It isn't too difficult of a pass to climb from either side. The east side is a series of switchbacks that gets you to the top really quick; the west side of the pass is a more gradual climb to the top. From the top you can see the Rock Creek and Duchesne river drainages. You will also be able to see the Mirror Lake Highway corridor - your first or last glimpse of civilization!

The east side of this pass can have snow on the trail prior to the middle of June. Like most passes in the Uinta mountains, it can have snow even later on a good snow year. There are some good camping locations just prior to the pass on both sides of the mountain. Water is also available on both sides too. 

Camping Potential - 1
Water Availability - 1
Difficulty - 5
Scenery - 4
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