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Chepeta Lake Region

Chepeta Lake has a lot of value for people hiking the Highline trail. This area is a major trailhead for those wanting to have a shorter Highline Trail experience (around 65 miles from the trailhead to Hayden Pass). It is also a good spot for hikers to exit the Highline Trail without having to hike 10-15 miles to a remote trailhead.  It can also be a point to eat a pizza with friends or get a resupply before you continue on your way.


The road leading to the lake is well maintained which can also mean high use on the weekends from people driving to the lake. Few people drive here to camp here though, so you can find lots of options for camp spots near the lake. For those hiking through, it is a chance to remember what a road and bathroom looks like, but it will only be a blip on your radar of your overall hiking experience.


Camping Potential - 4
Water Availability - 4
Difficulty - 2
Scenery - 3
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