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Deadman Lake To Whiterocks Region

From Deadman Lake, the trail proceeds to the west up an easy, unnamed summit. The summit is gentle enough to have few switchbacks and can be navigated in a short amount of time. The summit is similar to Gabbro Pass and is very exposed. Once over the unknown summit, the trail begins a descent towards Whiterocks Lake. This is also where the trail enters thick timber for the first time. There are many camping spots in the timber, and you'll see more people as you near the lake.


Whiterocks Lake is a great place to spend the night. It is one of the larger lakes you will encounter on the trail. Camping spots can be found along the lake, but most people tend to camp at the middle and west end of the lake where terrain is a little flatter. The lake can get rather low in poor water years, making camping on the west end of the lake even more appealing for easier access to water. 

As you head west from Whiterocks Lake, you begin a very pleasant section of trail that is full of creeks, meadows, and spectacular views. The trail through this area is relatively flat which makes for easy walking. Many of the streams you'll pass are full of small trout that are eager to bite. The meadows are also great places to view elk, mule deer and moose in the early morning and evening hours. Fewer people tend to camp in this area but it can receive heavier human traffic, at times, due to it's proximity to Chepeta Lake. 

Camping Potential - 4
Water Availability - 3
Difficulty - 4
Scenery - 5
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