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Our Mission

Our team has spent a significant amount of their lives in the High Uinta Wilderness of northeastern Utah. We have developed a love for this region that can't be described in words. For each of us, our first experience on the trail was unbelievable! A beautiful and unique view can be found around each corner, and for us, that is something we want to share with you. 


Along those same lines, the trail can be quite intimidating, and at times can put travelers in unpredictable and deadly situations. Over time, we've gained knowledge about this area and we want to share it with anyone interested in hiking this trail so that they can have a safe and memorable trip. 

This site is dedicated to helping travelers prepare for and execute a successful trip on the Highline Trail. Because each traveler has unique challenges and expectations, we have designed this page to be a comprehensive resource for everything associated with the Highline Trail. From maps, to gear, to insider knowledge, we hope to share everything you will need to make your visit to the Highline Trail safe and enjoyable.

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